biker and motorcycle club patches

Rider and motorcycle club 1 & 3 piece custom patches, colors and design

We are in the middle of an incredible season of motorcycle riding with the Mother Nature giving us plenty of riding perfect days. With the dragon tail just miles from our main office, it’s a common site to see a variety of riders on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Every rider of group of riders seem to share one common bound, the love of the road on two wheels.  A few
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Trade secret: How to dramatically cut costs on your custom uniform patches.
uniform patches

Good news for uniform companies that order custom patches.  As you know, custom patch pricing is partially based on the quantity you order.  The more patches that are made in one production run, the more cost efficient it is for you.  With that in mind, I highly suggest you consider a this amazing cost cutting idea and give yourself a substantial discount. It seems that most uniform companies reorder the
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Martial arts patches for your gi – The embroidered woven patch.
gi patches martial arts patches

As our martial arts clients consistently use embroidered patches for their uniforms, they understand and appreciate the importance of quality. As most martial arts uniforms come face to face with washing and drying machines from time to time, embroidered patch quality is of the essence.  The patch is generally the focal point of the martial arts gi. Making sure it looks good and retains its color throughout its life cycle
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Great design is key for promoting your brand on custom patches
custom patch design

An artist friend of mine recently came to me with a design/logo she created asking how could she promote this idea into a money making proposition. The logo had no significant message or meaning, it was just a cool looking design.  She envisioned her logo being worn on all types of clothing.  The logo could be made in various colors providing the wearer with creative individualism.  Apply the logo to
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The history of embroidered patch manufacturing

I was recently asked about the history of embroidered emblems or “patches” and how has the industry changed in the past 15 years or so.  It got me thinking about 1999, the year I began my career in designing and manufacturing embroidering patches. Today, the majority of emblems are made on multi-head embroidery machines (I will talk about multi-head machines shortly).  This is a vast difference to when I first
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Custom patch making – Ever wonder how they make an embroidered patch?
embroidery machine

                          You might be surprised as to how many different hands it takes to make an embroidered patch. I will offer a somewhat simplified version of the process hoping to give you a much better understanding of what goes into making a patch. First, let’s assume for the sake of this article that your artwork is complete and
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Embroidered patches are effective for marketing the corporate identity of your business or association.
embroidered patch marketing

                                    Embroidered patches offer your company a cost efficient and most importantly, effective part of your campaign or long term marketing and branding program. A quality-made embroidered patch will last for years providing your clients and potential clients a very colorful impression of your corporate identity. Embroidered patches or emblems give your corporate logo
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