Creating The Best Patches For Your Cycling Club

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4 people next to bikesIf you enjoy the freedom and exercise that cycling offers you’ve no doubt joined a bicycle club to spend time with like-minded folks in your community. It’s likely that your club or team has a logo they’ve created and it only makes sense to create custom patches. Let’s take a look at some of the best tips and insights for creating stellar custom cycling patches for your organization.

Pick Your Patch Material

Putting your cycling club’s logo on a patch is a simple process. You simply need to determine which material is going to work best for the logo that you have. For example, if you have a complex logo with lots of little details we recommend a woven patch. If you frequently find yourself cycling in inclement weather or you’re part of a mountain biking club we’d recommend going with a PVC patch. If your logo is a simple design then use an embroidered patch. Finally, if you need a photographic level of detail then go with a dye sublimated patch.

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Choose Your Patch Backing

Your patch backing will be based on how you plan to affix your patch. If your team is going to sew on their patches we recommend using a plastic backing. This is the most common style of patch backing and tends to be very economical. However, if you plan to use these patches on a bag or need a quick-to-remove patch consider using velcro. Finally, if you only need your patch for limited use, such as an upcoming event or competition, then use a self-adhesive patch backing. We also offer magnetic backing for patches if you want a patch that you could attach to a bike frame or other metallic surface.

Designing Your Logo

If you don’t have a logo for your bike team yet, or you’re uncertain about the design don’t worry. We have a staff of experienced graphic designers that can assist you with creating a logo for your bicycle club. We’ll make sure to create a graphic with an eye-catching level of detail that will be sure to pop when you hit the trail, road, or bike path.

Get Started Today!
Ready to make your cycling team look like a million bucks? Reach out to the Artex Group and we’ll help you design the perfect custom patch for your team. Since 2002, we’ve made over 75 million custom embroidered patches for businesses all around the world. No matter what your needs might be we can work with you to create a custom bike patch. Contact us today and let’s make your dream a reality.