Custom Iron-On Patches: How to Apply Them in 5 Simple Steps

iron-on patch for sports team

Nothing feels quite as cool as having custom iron-on patches to apply to your jacket, bag, or uniform. But how exactly does a heat press transfer your patch onto your clothes? Here, we’ve compiled a simple five-step process to help you transfer your custom iron-on patches to your clothes without breaking a sweat.

Step #1: Get Your Patch and Assemble Your Supplies

Custom iron-on patches are a great way to express yourself no matter your aesthetic. They also help you avoid having to put in the extra time it would take to sew the patch onto your clothes yourself. No one wants to have to sit down and worry about potentially messing up their jacket or their new custom patch with a bad sewing job.

With custom iron-on patches, all you need to do is grab your favorite jacket, pair of jeans, or bag along with a patch design you really love. You also want to be sure to have a heat press, a pressing cloth, pins, and measuring tape on hand.

Step #2: Set Up the Heat Press

Before you begin applying your custom iron-on patches, you want to be sure that the clothing you’re using the heat press on can take the heat. You won’t be able to use an iron-on patch on materials like nylon or rayon. A rain jacket is also not a good choice. Instead, choose clothing that’s made from cotton or polyester. Once you have your clothes and your heat press is ready, you’ll want to turn your heat press on to the highest heat setting.

Step #3: Carefully Position the Patch

Use a measuring tape to center your custom iron-on patch in the right place on your piece of clothing. If you’re applying the patch to a jacket, you can pin the patch onto the sleeve or lapel so you can figure out the best positioning for it while looking in the mirror. A patch that looks good on a jacket when laid flat may not look as good when you wear the jacket, so make sure you position the patch correctly to avoid a decision you might regret.

Step #4: Press the Heat Press

Use a pressing cloth, handkerchief, or cotton pillowcase between the iron-on patch and the heat press. You don’t want to apply direct heat to the surface of the patch or you run the risk of damaging the patch. Hold the heat press down on the pressing cloth covering the iron-on patch and hold it in place for 30 to 45 seconds.

Step #5: Turn the Clothing Inside Out and Repeat

After you’ve applied the heat press to the cloth-covered patch for 30 to 45 seconds, turn your jacket or other items of clothing inside out. Lay the clothing flat. Position your pressing cloth, handkerchief, or cotton pillowcase over the reverse side of the patch. Place the heat press over the cloth and hold for 30 to 45 seconds. Allow the patch and clothing to cool. The patch will now be secured completely to your clothes.

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