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Custom Iron on patches

Our iron-on custom patches can be adhered to most apparel applications including hats, shirts, jackets, canvas bags and backpacks.

Our heat seal is made to adhere to materials such as cotton and polyester. Once applied, the embroidered patch is permanently attached to garment/apparel and is washable, dryable and dry cleanable. For best results, we recommend the garment be turned inside out during washing. We also recommend you consult with a professional who has experience in such applications as different settings may apply depending on the material’s color and structure (i.e. hat vs. shirt). Artex Group provides a full array of heat seal services so please inquire when placing your custom patch order.

We suggest using a heal seal machine to maintain consistent heat and pressure throughout the heat seal process, however, household irons can be used. General heat seal guidelines are as follows. Always check and review your fabric to be sure it can tolerate the required heat.

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  1. Set the machine to 365 degrees.
  2. Prior to placing the custom made patch on the garment, pre-heat the spot where the patch is to be placed for 15 seconds.
  3. Place the embroidered patch on pre-heated spot and apply heat for 18 to 20 seconds using 50 to 70 pounds of pressure.
  4. Allow item to cool for at least 5 hours for a permanent application.


  1. Pre-heat iron to “cotton” setting. Please make sure the steam is “turned off”.
  2. Place custom iron-on patch on garment and cover patch with a fine piece of cloth.
  3. Press iron on patch for 25 seconds with constant, firm pressure. Do not use a “back and forth” motion as it will compromise the patch’s placement and heat seal’s ability to adhere.
  4. Allow item to cool for at least 5 hours prior to using.

Please note if your custom iron-on embroidered patch contains beads/sequins or is a 3-D (puffy) or vinyl application, heat must be applied from the back. We suggest placing the patch on garment and cover with a protective cloth. Apply heat for 6-8 seconds to hold the embroidered patch in place. Turn patch over and heat from the back for 20-25 seconds (365 degrees). Always check and review your fabric to be sure it can tolerate the required heat. If necessary, reduce heat to 350 degrees and extend dwell time by 3 -5 seconds. Since each material and design can have specific requirements, you may need to try different settings until you find the ideal combination of time and heat. Once again, we do suggest you seek a professional, like Artex Group, who has experience in heat sealing.

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