Why You Should Use Custom Embroidered Patches for Branding

custom branded patches

custom branded patches

Today, branding and marketing are much different from how they were in the past. Much of the process involves the internet these days, considering how tech-savvy the world has become.

However, some traditional things remain useful despite the prevalence of technology. One of these is the brand patch.

Brand patches are visual symbols. Companies use them as a logo on their clothes or a stamped image on their products.

What Are the Benefits of Brand Patches?

People might think that brand patches are outdated, mainly since most business dealings and branding occur online. However, brand patches have much to offer you and your company.

See these benefits below.

1. Low-Cost Branding Solution

Brand patches are low-cost branding solutions. If you want to brand or advertise your product or services but don’t have the budget for an entire campaign, this option may be for you.

Brand patches are easy to customize. Plus, they come in all shapes and sizes, allowing companies to explore a wide range of designs to suit their preferences.

2. Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is one of the main reasons why companies use brand patches. They help customers recognize and remember your brand’s logo. You can use it as a badge of quality for your products or services.

Take, for example, the iconic sportswear brand Nike. They have a specific brand patch that everyone recognizes and associates with the company.

3. Easy Customization

You can easily customize brand patches to represent your brand. If you want to include your company’s name on the patch, you can do that. You can also choose a specific color scheme and a design that represents your brand.

Custom patches also make for a uniform design. Instead of commissioning different designs for your products, you can customize the patch once and use it on all your products.

4. Promotional Purposes

Brand patches are also helpful when it comes to promotional purposes. If you want to create a fun contest, you can use custom patches as prizes.

Custom patches are also ideal for branding your events. You can give the patches to your event participants, encouraging them to take selfies with your patch and post on their social media with your hashtag.  You can run a contest, select a winner and help promote your brand in the process.

5. Unique Marketing Tool

Brand patches are unique because they are small and easy to carry. You can place these patches on bags and clothing, or on the sleeve or pocket of your shirts.

Your brand patch is a valuable marketing tool to help your business reach a wider audience. If customers see your product with the customized patch, they will automatically recognize your brand.

6. Durable

Brand patches are also durable, unlike other forms of advertising. They can withstand most weather conditions, including rain and heat. Unlike stickers, they do not easily fade or peel off.

Moreover, сustom patches are not as sensitive to abrasion and washing. You can place it in the washing machine, and it will still stay on the garment.

7. Multi-Purpose

Custom patches also save you money because you can use them for different purposes. Instead of buying a brand new patch every time, you can tweak the design and use it again on another product.

For instance, you can place the custom patch on a medium-sized bag or a backpack. The same goes for shirts.


Custom patches are effective when used for branding and marketing. They have many benefits that you will not get from other forms of marketing.

You can create a unique logo that represents your brand, customize the patch for different purposes and designs, and place it on bags and shirts. Additionally, it can withstand the usual wear and tear.

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