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Our signature product is the custom embroidered patch.  We can apply your custom design, or help you design your logo or artwork and transform it into a beautiful, high quality embroidered patch. Select from several types of patches to suit your specific needs. Upload your artwork on our custom patch quote page to find out the cost of your order. We guarantee excellent quality and low prices no matter what your order is. A quality custom patch has always been a focal point of business marketing and branding throughout the world.  

Embroidered patches are used for garment decorations, commemorative pieces, collector’s items and event giveaways.  Patches can be attached to most garments in a variety of ways: clasp pins, sewn on, iron-on, dryer heat-activated adhesive, and Velcro backing.

We can make virtually any design into an embroidered patch.  Just take a walk around town and notice how many people wear patches for work and pleasure.  Just about every industry uses them.  Advances in technology and materials (such as glow in the dark threads) provide your company cost efficient and creative marketing options.

Our relationship with the automotive industry (we make the embroidered patches that go onto car floor mats) began in 2002.  To date, we are widely considered one of the top providers of emblems to this industry.  This hopefully will lend some assurance as to our quality and dedication to service.

If you would like a little history lesson on patches….keep reading.  Before the birth of computer technology, patches were made by hand. Talk about collector items!  In the U.S., rather crude versions of embroidered patches were first adopted by United States military for the War of 1812, 1845 Mexican War and the Civil War (1861–65).

A trival fact: The oldest of all “official” U.S. military patches is the Big Red One of the 1st Infantry Division, first issued on October 31, 1918.

Machinery created during the 18th and 19th century Industrial Revolution changed garment production with sewing machines and looms, greatly increased production efficiency. However, it was invention of the Schiffli embroidery machine in 1863 that changed the embroidery world. Schiffli machines were created by Isaak Groebli of Switzerland in 1863 and are still used today in limited production. 

How did the name Schiffli come about you may ask? Groebli's machine used the combination of a continuously threaded needle and shuttle containing a bobbin of thread. The shuttle itself looked similar to the hull of a sailboat. "Schiffli" means "little boat" in the Swiss dialect of the German language, so hence, his machine came to be known as a Schiffli machine. 

The Schiffli machine was the industry’s staple until the utilization of “multi-head” sewing machines in the 1980s.  The multi-head machine has many advantages over the Schiffli machine with the most obvious being the incredible detail that can be achieved.

Today’s multi-head technology allows virtually any design to be recreated in thread on an embroidered patch. The multi-head machine has brought a once rare, time-consuming art into mass production.  Over 95% of the world’s patches are made on multi-head machines.

Whether you have artwork or not, call us at 866-845-1042 to get the process rolling.   We promise to make our embroidered patch ordering experience a pleasurable one.

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