Great design is key for promoting your brand on custom patches


An artist friend of mine recently came to me with a design/logo she created asking how could she promote this idea into a money making proposition. The logo had no significant message or meaning, it was just a cool looking design.  She envisioned her logo being worn on all types of clothing.  The logo could be made in various colors providing the wearer with creative individualism.  Apply the logo to a shirt and you would have one cool looking shirt.  Put it on a cap and you would have one piece of hip headwear.

I completely agreed with her.  Bottom line is if you ask someone why they are wearing a piece of branded apparel, the most common response is “I don’t know, it just looks good”.  The logo’s relevancy is irrelevant as long as the person wearing the logo thinks it compliments his or her apparel.  Kind of like the swoosh we all have come to know.  If it makes you feel like an athlete, then you are going to wear it.  If it makes you feel hip, you are going to wear it.  It’s that simple.

Her options for bringing her creativity to life were simple and readily available.  We could make embroidered patches, woven labels (like you tags you find on the inside back of your shirt) or sublimated patches (providing photorealistic qualities).   Each option provides a unique look and the discussion of using all three made this project more appealing to her.

The process is very simple.  We take her artwork, transform it into either one or all of the available options, and through our extensive apparel line, select the appropriate clothing.  We would take care of all the necessary steps including the customizing.  In other words, Artex Group could provide her a turnkey product.   As of this writing, the wheels are in motion and I look forward to sharing more on progress of her design and the marketing efforts behind her “brand”.

If any of this resonates with yourself, I invite you to call us to discuss what can be done to bring your idea or concept to life.  Branding is all about how something makes us feel.  That’s the essence behind any successful branding.  If something looks good on me, I’m going to wear it.  Take a look at what you wear and see how branding may have played a role in your purchasing decisions.   So if you have a hip idea for a logo and want to turn it into a brand identity, let’s talk.  Nothing gained, nothing lost so don’t let your concept go by the wayside without at least chatting with us.  Ask for me, Richard.  I welcome it.