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Custom patches for municipalities

Emblems / custom embroidered patches are used at most municipalities and we look forward to helping you in meeting your embroidered emblem requirements. Each local government has their own unique branding identifying the attributes of their service. The emblems worn on your employees’ uniforms should also illustrate these qualities in a clear, concise manner. Waste management services, utility departments, school districts, food inspectors, fire and police departments, ambulance services, health department and transportation systems are just a few of the segments we have served by manufacturing their patches. The most popular are custom woven patches, iron-on patches and velcro patches.

When considering which company to trust for your embroidered emblems, a good measuring stick is to examine their current clients. Our list of clients includes the world’s largest automotive manufacturers. We often tell our clients that if we can please them, given their high standards, we can assure you that our quality will always be to your satisfaction and beyond. That’s assurance you can rely on. We will ensure that your employees’ uniform identifiers or patches representing your city, town, borough or county will always look their best.

Given our history of serving many city governmental organizations, we fully understand the financial pressures and budget constraints facing our country’s legislatures. Our prices are very competitive and to further assist you in cost savings, we invite you to take full advantage of the benefits of our stock and hold program. This program provides you the cost efficiency aspects of purchasing power based on annual quantities, yet your custom patch releases are billed and delivered on an “as needed” basis. Your budget will be the benefactor of such savings and expedient deliveries are the norm since we will always have inventory of your patches. Sound like a good idea?

Lets put your patch project in the “done” category and give us a call today at 1-866-845-1042. Courteous service awaits you.

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