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How to save money on custom patches. Artex Group's "Stock and Hold Program" is the answer!

Does your company use thousands of embroidered patches on an annual basis? Do you purchase them on a quarterly or semi-annual basis? We may just have the program for you. Our Stock and Hold program provides you all the cost efficiency benefits of high volume discount production runs while allowing you to release just the amount of patches you need for a particular time frame. Best of all, just pay for the patches as you go. (See our advice on how to save money on custom patch orders)

Here’s how it works. You determine the yearly usage of your custom patches. For the sake of this conversation, let’s say it’s 10,000 embroidered patches. So you basically use 2,500 patches per quarter (of a same patch). We would offer you pricing based on the total annual usage of 10,000 patches and release only what you need throughout the year. We do require a minimum release of 25% of the total annual usage per order. You will be invoiced for only what was released. This program provides your company financial flexibility while taking advantage of higher-based volume discounted pricing levels. At the end of each 12 month period, Artex will release any remaining balance or inventory. The program renews every 12 months if you so choose.

Ask to speak with one of our account managers to see if our Stock and Hold program is right for you. We will always do our best to help your company run more profitably.

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