PVC Patches are small tags that allow for precise design and intricate detail are the perfect vessel for marketing means.

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PVC patches

Everything That You Need to Know About PVC Patches

  Custom PVC patches are exactly what they sound like—a patch that features your logo or some other design in a PVC material, created specifically for you. PVC patches are the perfect way to sew or iron your brand’s logo onto…
Custom PVC Patches

The Advantages of PVC Patches: What Makes Them Stand Out

Embroidered patches have long been used in many types of clothing and other garments. While they've been the go-to option for patches, PVC patches seem to be becoming more popular nowadays. The top-notch printing process gives your patch…
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What type of patch is best for your design?

If you want your design to look great once it's translated into patch form, you need to make sure you're choosing the right style. Sublimated patches, woven patches, and embroidered patches all come with advantages and disadvantages...