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Custom velcro patches have velcro backing for easy attachment and removal.

Velcro backed patches(sometimes referred to as “Velcro Patches”) are very popular with our uniform and law enforcement clients because of the ease of use and the availability to switch custom embroidered patches without reconstructing or damaging the apparel. It also saves money on having someone to do the reattaching of the new patch.

The Velcro male (rough) or female (fuzzy) side can be applied to the back of the patch. The opposite side would then be applied to the apparel. It is our experience that most of our clients put the male side on the emblem and the female side on the apparel item. Velcro is best suited for standard-shaped emblems like rectangles, circles or squares, however other design shapes are possible. If in question, just send us your design via email and we can make the appropriate suggestion.

For our cost conscience clients, and who isn’t, velcro will add to the bottom line price of the patch so we suggest to use it only when necessary or required. The benefits of this type of backing will surely make any additional costs insignificant. Velcro patches come in Woven patches, dye sublimation patches and standard embroidery patches.

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