What type of custom patch should I choose?

A very common question we hear is “what type of custom patch should I order?” The decision may be a little perplexing at first but after considering a few questions, it’s quite simple. We recommend starting with the overall objective of the patch. Are they going to be put on apparel for promoting your company branding, used as giveaways at conventions or as souvenirs to commemorate events or achievements? Additionally, what is your appearance objective or preference? Textured, flat, photo-realistic? Lastly, it does come down to your personal preference. What you think looks good is really important. Each of our options offers unique styles and depending on our logo, one may be better suited than another.

Embroidered vs. Dye-Sublimated vs. Woven vs. PCV:
Right off the bat, as previously mentioned, it does come down to personal preference and the type of appearance you are looking for. For a more traditional look, the embroidered patch may be your first option to consider. If you are looking for a more “hip” or trendy approach, we suggest you consider a PVC patch. You may also combine a few of the options below to achieve a very cool patch. For example, we can combine standard embroidery with the dye-sublimated process combining the best of both processes.

The detail specifications of your logo (including the lettering) may also guide you as to which way to go. Here are a few things to consider:

Embroidered USA Patch Embroidered Chevy Truck Patch Embroidered VW Patch Embroidered Museum Patch Embroidered Harpoon Patch Embroidered Smokey Patch

Embroidered Patch:
Embroidered patches have a more traditional look and feel. They have been around for ages and are the most common option for decorating apparel or commemorating an event. Embroidery does have a more texturized look and feel providing a rich dimensional quality.

Sublimated Fishing Patch Sublimated Rabbit Patch Sublimated NGK Patch Sublimated Building Patch Sublimated Fish Patch

Dye Sublimated Patch:
Dye-sublimated patches offer a wide variety of color options and produce a photo-realistic patch. They are perfect for extreme detailing and logos with small lettering. We can combine our dye-sublimated process with embroidery to provide a more textured look, similar to embroidered patches.

Woven Label Patch Woven Label and Embriodery Patch Woven Label and 3D Embriodery Patch

Woven Patch:
As with the dye-sublimated process, the woven process offers a superior level of detail. Woven patches have a very clean look and can use all the backings (heat seal or plastic or Velcro) and borders (merrow or laser cut) of traditional embroidered patches. The denier or thickness of the thread used in the woven process is much thinner than traditional embroidered patches and is the main reason we are able to duplicate the most detailed designs. Small lettering is no problem.

PVC Patches Custom PVC Patches Artex PVC Patches PVC Custom Patches Custom Made PVC Patches

Now this is an animal of a different color. PVC patches are soft rubber made of polyvinyl chloride. They are waterproof and offer incredible color and detail qualities. They are perfect for caps and hats. PVC patches are custom molded and small fonts or lines are generally never a problem. The look is very hip and different from the other three options.

A few words about patch sizes…
After deciding which type of patch works for you, the next thing to consider is the size. Here are a few things to consider.

Apparel and Cap Patches

Racing Caps Bucket Caps Visor Caps

CAPS: If the patch is going to be applied to a cap or hat, we recommend a height no greater than 2.5 inches for most styles. Unless the cap has a tall crown, any size larger may present a problem for proper placement. Are you heat sealing or sewing the patch onto the cap? If the patch will be heat sealed on, then order heat seal as the backing. If sewing is preferred, then plastic backing is your choice.

Women Apparels Men Apparels

APPAREL: If the patch is to be placed on the shirt pocket or breast area, we recommend a height no greater than 3 or 3.25 inches. If the patch will be above a pocket, then a size of 2 to 2.25 inches in height is more appropriate. Generally, a length of 3 inches can comfortably be used without any placement issues. As with caps, the type of backing will depend on how you plan to attach the patches. It really is a personal preference, as both applications will work equally as well. If you plan on having multiple patches for the same apparel, you can use a Velcro backing for the patch. We can also supply the Velcro’s opposite side (male or female) that will need to be applied to the garment. The most common way to apply Velcro to a garment is via the sewing option.

If the patches will be used for the shoulder area (for example: police should patch) or for a martial arts application, than sizes of 4 inches plus are more appropriate.

Please note the type of design will also play a factor in the size of your apparel/cap patch and we will be happy to help you once we see your artwork.

Giveaways or Souvenirs
This really comes down to your preference and quite frankly, budget (the patch’s size is a determining factor for cost). The detailed nature of your logo may also be a determining factory in the size of your patch. If you are going with embroidered emblems and have a detailed logo, you may consider a larger patch in the 3.5 to 4 inch range. Once again, we will be happy to help you when determining the correct patch size.

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