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Custom Woven Patches & Embroidery Combination

Woven patches provide you with the best qualities of both types of embroidery. Our woven label & embroidery patch combination (WEC) is the perfect choice for your next design, particularly when detailing is of the utmost importance. The beauty of woven patches has always been the extreme detailing capabilities allowing you to illustrate small details and fonts with absolute clarity. Bottom line, no other type of embroidery provides this type of clarity regardless of the size or the design’s elements and fonts. The color selections are endless and given the durability of the material, woven lapels can be an excellent choice for your company.

The benefits of custom embroidered patches have been long documented in the embroidery industry. The rich look and feel of the embroidered patch stands on its own. Given all the perks of durability, patches have always been a mainstay for promoting your brand. One benefit the patch has over other processes is the ability to add dimensional qualities by varying the stitch patterns. Done right, the results are amazing as light reflects off the varying stitch patterns/directions creating visually pleasing dimensional effects. Some of our clients have had us recreate metal badges (i.e. police department badges) using embroidery and given the outstanding ability of our digitizers, we were able to exceed their expectations.

We are very pleased to be able to offer a woven label & embroidery patch combination that offers exceptional detail and dimensional capabilities. To give you an idea of the results, here are a few samples.

100% Woven Label: Notice the fine detail of the word “ARMADA” on the background. Woven Label Patches

Woven Label and Embroidery combination: Notice the added dimensional quality the embroidery adds to the patch. Woven Label and Embroidery Patches

Woven Label and 3-D Embroidery: For an added dimensional quality, we can make the embroidery “3-D”. Woven Label and 3D Embroidery Patches

Please call us today and ask how we might be able to incorporate your design using the WEC process. As a rule, no detail is too small for the woven label process so let us surprise you with the results. This type of flexibility can certainly add to how you brand your company.

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